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Data Source: Bibliothèque numérique de l'université d'Heidelberg

  • Langue(s) des textes dans le manuscrit : hébreu

    Titre(s) :
    1v-2v - Kabbalistic permutations and values of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet
    4v-6v - Extracts from Zohar on Exodus
    11r - References and indexes to the text of the Zohar in the manuscript
    12r-28r - Completions of pericopes Va-Yigash and Yitro
    30r-560v - Zohar
    30r-166v - Tikkunei Zohar
    168r-388v - Zohar on Genesis to Deuteronomy (pericope Va-Etḥannan)
    389r-427r - Zohar on Genesis, on pericopes Noaḥ to Va-Yera
    427r-437r - Zohar on pericope Va-Yeẓe
    440r-455v - Zohar on pericope Bereshit [Teil 1]
    457r-560r - Zohar on Va-Yeḥi [Teil 1]
    462r-560v - Zohar on Va-Yeḥi [Teil 2]
    462v-553r - Zohar on pericopes from Exodus to Numbers
    553r-556v - Zohar on pericope Va-Yelekh from Deuteronomy
    560rv - Zohar on pericope Bereshit [Teil 2]
    560r - Extracts from Zohar on Genesis
    561r - Extracts from Zohar on Genesis
    563v - Draft of a letter

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