Royaume-Uni, Oxford, Christ Church, Library, MS 29, 008-162


Data Source: Pinakes

In Ioh.: capitula [Grec].

  • Related work : In Ioh.: capitula
  • Folios : 123v
  • Explicit : ιθʹ (!) περι της αιτησεως του σωματος του κυριου. (Source : Pinakes)

In Luc.: capitula [Grec].

In Marc.: capitula [Grec].


  • Tetraeuangelium cum capitulis, cum epigr., cum subscr. (Source : Pinakes)
  • - For the initial part of the Gospel of Matthew, see 1.R and 2.R. - cum annotationibus anagraphicis. (Source : Pinakes)

Data source

  • Pinakes