Londres. Wellcome Library, MS.MSL.138

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  • Autre forme de la cote :
    • London. Wellcome Collection, MS.MSL.138
    • London. Wellcome Library, MS.MSL.138
    • Londres. Wellcome Library, MS.MSL.138
    • Wellcome Library, MS.MSL.138
  • Conservé à : Londres. Wellcome Library
  • Date de fabrication :
  • Composition :
    • 86 folios, on vellum; Folio. 28 × 19.5 cm. Modern binding.

Manifeste IIIF

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Source des données : Wellcome Collection - Online Collections

  • An alphabetical glossary of drugs and samples with their properties and methods of preparation.

    A very beautifully written fourteenth century manuscript with red and blue capitals. The handwriting is a neat uncial, and the entire text is in Latin, much contracted.

    The last letter is Y, there being no entries for the letter Z.

    On folio 86, the last, the scribe has made a number of trials of the pen, with some gilding, and a well drawn miniature of a bearded face.

  • On the flyleaf: "Ex Bibliotheca Askeviana. P. ii. Art. 488. J. SIMS."


  • Described in: Warren R. Dawson, Manuscripta medica. A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Medical Society of London (London, 1932).

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