Royaume-Uni, Londres, Lambeth Palace, Library, MS. 528A, f. 5r--264r passim


Source des données : Pinakes

Annotatio anagraphica copistae [Grec].

In Ioh.: capitula [Grec].

  • Œuvre associée : In Ioh.: capitula
  • Feuillets : 208-208v
  • Explicit : ιηʹ περι της αιτησεως του σωματος του κυριου. (Source : Pinakes)

In Luc.: capitula [Grec].

In Marc.: capitula [Grec].

In Matth.: capitula [Grec].


  • Capitula (Source : Pinakes)
  • Addition of capitula lists by Chariton on the mentioned pages as well as marginal apparatuses throughout the manuscript. However, only for John Chariton managed to add a complete set of capitula on the available space between two gospels. (Source : Pinakes)

Source des données

  • Pinakes