Royaume-Uni, Londres, Lambeth Palace, Library, MS. 528A, 001-265


Source des données : Pinakes

Bible. N.T.. Évangiles. Luc [Grec].

Eusèbe de Césarée (0265?-0340) : Ad Carpianum [Grec].


  • Tetraeuangelium (Source : Pinakes)
  • - The reproduction in VMR is incomplete for the ancient part of the manuscript: f. 202v-203r are missing, the fly leaves are partially visible; - f. 264-265 belong to a previous binding; - f. 265v contains scribblings from various later readers'/users' hands; - at least one leaf is missing in the beginning; - the first hand left usually 2-3 pages blank before each Gospel starts; a later hand identifying himself as a certain Chariton added capitula on the blank pages. (Source : Pinakes)

Source des données

  • Pinakes