Royaume-Uni, Londres, Wellcome Library, MS.16

  • Conservé à : Londres. Wellcome Library
  • Date de fabrication :
  • Nombre de feuillets : 1 volume; 69 leaves (first & last 3 blank). 8vo. 20 1/2 x 14 1/2 cm. Original red-dyed sheepskin binding over wooden boards. Of the five metal bosses on each cover, only two remain on the lower cover: and of the clasps only the two pin-attachments are left. Some leaves worn and margins frayed. The fly-leaves at the beginning and end are from a vellum 14th cent. Lectionary. Written in a semi-current gothic hand in double column of 31 lines to a column. Capitals mostly in red, a few in blue or green: headings and paragraph marks mainly in red, a few in green.


  • Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).


  • Regimen sanitatis. Arnoldus de Villanova. De conservatione memoriae.

    Written by Henricus de Geismar, Prior Canonicus in Buben et Capellanus. Produced in Breslau / Bratislava.

    1. ff.2-15v inc.Regimen pro conseruacione sanitatis bibendo comedendo/balneando et qualitercumque aer sit in camera temperanda. (col 1) PRo corporis sanita /te conseruanda hec/compendiosa duxi/scribenda... expl. f.15v (col. 2, line 20) et apponatur quamdiu fuerit/necesse infirmo. (red) Anno domini/Moccccxxiio currente hec/collegit reuerendissimus/dominus Albicus in/wratislaua.

    2. ff.15v-65r inc.(line 26) Sciatis quod medicine/in omnibus membris/diuersificantur... expl.f.65r (col. 1, line 13) Inde diarrea simplex/fluxus ventris.

    3. ff.65r-66r inc.(Green) Incipit libellus magistri/Arnoldi de villa noua/pro conseruacione memorie/Excedens frigi/ditas exterior/ledit memoriam/...expl. f.66r (col. 2, line 6) ... Caliditas intensa/valde quandoque permiscet/memoriam et fortiter ledit./(green) Explicit libellus Arnol/di de villa noua de/conseruacione memo/rie.

    4. f.66r (line 13) Receipt for 'Sal sacerdotale'.

    5. f.66r (line 19) inc.Reuerendissime pater et domine/gratiose hunc libellum paruum licet/compendiosum paternitati vestre/offero tamquam patri et domino meo/carissimo/hinricus de geismaria Prior canonicus/in Buben Cappellanus paternitatis/vestre deuotissimus/Anno domini Moccco'xxxviio.

    In the lower margin of fol. 2 'Inscriptus Catalogo Fratrum de Oliua 1617', and in the space between the columns of text by a different 17th cent. hand, 'Ordinis Cisterciensis in Prussia'.

    (Source : Wellcome Library)
  • The three works of Albicus which have been printed are Praxis medendi, Regimen hominis seu Vetularius, and Regimen pestilentiae. These were publisheld at Leipzig in 1484. Sudhoff seems to be of the opinion that these three works are really one work (Cf. Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin, Vol. VII, pp. 19-92). This MS. does not contain the Plague tract. (Source : Wellcome Library)
  • Purchased 1930. (Source : Wellcome Library)

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