Aristarque de Samothrace (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)

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  • Other Forms :
    • Aristarchos (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)
    • Aristarchus Alexandrinus (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)
    • Aristarchus Grammaticus (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)
    • Aristarchus of Samothrace (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)
    • Aristarchus Samothracius (0215?-0143? av. J.-C.)
  • Birth : -215 (pas avant) (Uncertain data)
  • Death : -143 (Uncertain data)
  • Notes :
    • Grammairien et critique grec (Source : BnF)

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