Grèce, Mont Athos, Monastère de Vatopédi, MS 900, 001-2, 302


Source des données : Pinakes

In Euang.: excerptum ex Irenaeo de quattuor evangeliis "(ἰστέον ὅτι) τέσσαρα... ἐμφανίζει" [Grec].

In Ioh.: argumentum von Soden p. 311 [108] [Grec].

In Luc.: argumentum von Soden p. 311 [108] [Grec].

In Marc.: argumentum von Soden p. 311 [108] [Grec].

  • Œuvre associée : In Marc.: argumentum von Soden p. 311 [108]
  • Feuillets : 002
  • Incipit : Το κατα Μαρκον ευαγγελιον υπηγορευθη υπο Πετρου (Source : Pinakes)
  • Explicit : εικονα του ευαγγελιου δεικνυς. (Source : Pinakes)

Incipit "βροντης τον υιον τις βροτων" (von Soden 12) [Grec].

Incipit "ο παρθενος τι" (von Soden 27) [Grec].


  • Tetraeuangelium (prologi et epigrammata) (Source : Pinakes)
  • - The reproduction in the VMR appears to be complete for the ancient part of the manuscript. - The first two folios may have been added later to the main UniProd - quire signatures appear regular from f. 3 (α') onwards - folio 302 may or may not belong to the final quire - the final quire signature is on f. 296 (λη'). - The same hand obviously restored (f. 302r) the end of a verse (ending f. 301v in the middle of the word) and added some texts at the beginning and the end of the manuscript. (Source : Pinakes)

Source des données

  • Pinakes