Autriche, Vienne, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. Suppl. gr. 50*, 005-242, 244-306


Source des données : Pinakes

Bible. N.T.. Évangiles. Luc [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

In Ioh.: capitula [Grec].

In Luc.: capitula [Grec].

In Marc.: capitula [Grec].

In Matth.: capitula [Grec].


  • Tetraeuangelium cum canonibus, cum capitulis, cum imag. (Source : Pinakes)
  • - There are numerous annotations in Latin (between f. 159 and 160, 305v etc.) and in Spanish (?) (between f. 4 and 5, between f. 24 and 25 etc.), which appear to have been added by later hands, several of them additional inserted bits of paper. - f. 243 is omitted in the foliation. (Source : Pinakes)

Source des données

  • Pinakes