Royaume-Uni, Londres, British Library, Egerton MS 2610, 001-295a


Source des données : Pinakes

Annotatio anagraphica alia [Grec].

Annotatio anagraphica possessoris [Grec].

Annotatio maior [Grec].

Bible. N.T.. Évangiles. Luc [Grec].

Eusèbe de Césarée (0265?-0340) : Ad Carpianum [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

Imago picta [Grec].

In Luc.: capitula [Grec].

  • Œuvre associée : In Luc.: capitula
  • Feuillets : 141-143
  • Explicit : πγʹ περι του Κλεοπα. (Source : Pinakes)

In Marc.: capitula [Grec].

  • Œuvre associée : In Marc.: capitula
  • Feuillets : 089v-90v
  • Explicit : μηʹ περι της αιτησεως του κυριακου σωματος. (Source : Pinakes)

In Matth.: capitula [Grec].


  • Tetraeuangelium (Source : Pinakes)
  • - According to the British Library's online catalogue, the manuscript has “three paper flyleaves and one parchment flyleaf at the beginning, and three blank paper leaves after f. 295.” The final folio in the present UC is the parchment leaf numbered 295a, content on the subsequent paper flyleaves is noted in UC 2.G. - There are various items pasted into the front matter of the manuscript: an article clipped from the Guardian (dated to July 26, 1882) on the acquisition of the codex, a sheet of paper for keeping track of scholarly efforts and literature related to the manuscript and a small notice that the ms. was purchased at Puttick’s on April 28th, 1882. - All the elements mentioned above are all clearly visible in the reproduction hosted by the British Library, which appears to be complete. - The VMR reproduction preserves the clipped article and the bibliographical notice, but omits the purchase information underneath it and only reproduces the verso side of the fourth and final parchment flyleaf. -The VMR reproduction does appear to contains all the ancient parts of the codex. (Source : Pinakes)

Source des données

  • Pinakes